3 Ways To Improve Your Quality of Sleep

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    3 Ways To Improve Your Quality of Sleep

    For some people falling asleep isn’t just a challenge.  It feels like an impossible task as they lay wide awake and watch the clock tick tock until the sun comes up. Some people turn to sleeping pills as their last hope to get some sleep.  However, prescription drugs can be destructive, and should be used only as a last resort.

    So where does that leave you? Since a good night’s sleep is crucial in order to feel energized not just physically but also emotionally, it may leave you wondering where to turn next for answers.

    Sometimes falling asleep and staying asleep is merely a matter of practicing healthy habits.  If you’re ready to maximize your sleep and eliminate your nighttime troubles, then take a look at some of these tips which just might work for you.

    Avoid Substances Which Interfere With Sleep

    If you’re someone that drinks a lot of coffee during the day, then you may have your answer right there.  Even though the initial effects of caffeine wear off within a few hours, it still remains in your blood into the evening.

    The first thing that you should do if you’re having trouble getting to sleep is to cut back on your caffeine intake.  Try to drink only one cup of coffee in the morning, and never later than noon.

    You should also educate yourself on which foods and drinks have caffeine in them.  You may be consuming more caffeine than you think in the least likely of places.

    Stay On a Schedule

    Research shows that creating a sleep schedule for yourself can be incredibly helpful in getting a good night’s rest.  When your body starts to get into a rhythm, it starts to anticipate through your routine that it’s time to start getting sleepy.

    Since life isn’t always predictable, there may be moments that your schedule is off here are there.  The important thing is to try to keep it as consistent as possible if you want to see the best possible results.

    Limit Your Screen Time

    In this modern age, a lot of people scroll their phones and tablets in bed just before they plan on going to sleep. Unfortunately, this seemingly innocent activity is a huge culprit for keeping you awake.

    The bright lights stimulate your brain into thinking it’s still time to remain active. Therefore, when you close your eyes, your brain is still going at a rapid pace.

    Experts recommend turning off your screen at least an hour before bedtime.  Try to change your nightly habit in bed to reading a book rather than looking at your device.  Your brain will thank you for it in more ways than one!

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

    Hi, I'm Jenson. Father of two and living with OCD, read my musings on coping with both and maybe pick up some advice for yourself.