4 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

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    4 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

    Industrial facilities require workers to constantly deal with heavy equipment, hard manual labour, and potentially hazardous areas. Because the risk of an accident that could result in significant injury is far greater at these jobs, facility owners have the responsibility of taking preventative measures to protect their employees. An accident that occurs because of your negligence could leave you vulnerable to lawsuits and other significant consequences. Here are a few tips for improving workplace safety.

    1.        Prevent Falls With Guardrails

    If workers need to frequently access the roof or high platforms, you cannot ignore the risk of a fall. A single slip could prove deadly if there isn’t a barrier present. One of the easiest ways to address this problem is to add a non-penetrating guardrail on your roof. These sturdy modular barriers don’t damage the roofing materials while still providing the protection your workers need.

    2.        Keep it Clean

    A dirty, unorganized factory environment is often the biggest contributor to workplace accidents. Tangled power cords, precariously stacked boxes, or oil spills all greatly increase the risk of a dangerous incident. As such, facilities managers should create and enforce cleanliness and organizational policies. By getting the entire team on board in keeping the workplace clean, you will create a culture of safety.

    3.        Encourage Breaks

    Physical dangers aren’t the only way a worker could get injured. Quite often, muscle strains and other injuries occur as a result of overexertion. Make sure that employees are allowed periodic breaks to stretch and rest their muscles so they don’t experience a repetitive motion injury. You can also minimize the risk of injury by investing in power equipment that reduces the physical burden of common warehouse activities.

    4.        Maintain Machinery

    An equipment malfunction doesn’t just slow down the work — if someone is using the machine at the moment when something goes wrong, they could experience a significant injury. Your best bet for preventing these problems is to keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance. Follow the guidelines listed in the owner’s manual, and encourage employees to report any unusual issues they notice with their equipment. This will reduce repair costs and minimize the risk of equipment-related mishaps.


    Improving workplace safety may not seem like something that delivers an immediate return on investment. But by taking a proactive approach in preventing accidents, you can enjoy long-term benefits as you avoid the costs and setbacks that would otherwise result. By creating a safe environment for your employees, you will improve productivity and retention, getting far better results in the years ahead.

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

    Hi, I'm Jenson. Father of two and living with OCD, read my musings on coping with both and maybe pick up some advice for yourself.