5 Ideas for a Family-Friendly Bathroom

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    5 Ideas for a Family-Friendly Bathroom

    Sharing the bathroom with your kids doesn’t have to be a cluttered nightmare. You can have a lovely, structured and organised bathroom with a sense of playfulness that will make your children love their bath time. The key to keeping your sanity lies in finding a functional and well-organised design and establishing several bathroom rules that will help your little ones be tidier. Here are five great ideas that will help you design a stylish and family-friendly bathroom.

    1.      Eliminating clutter

    Keeping clutter under control is of the utmost importance when sharing the bathroom with your children. Not only will clutter create an atmosphere of messiness and disarray, but it also poses a risk factor for tripping over your children’s bathroom toys. The first step of keeping your bathroom clutter-free is getting rid of all the unnecessary items. Say goodbye to expired products, unnecessary decorations and a pile of your kids’ toys. Stick only to the essentials that you use every day and place everything else behind the closed doors of your cabinets. If your children need toys while bathing, you should ask them to pick just a few. You can add a wicker basket where they can leave their toys after their bath time. A laundry hamper is a must-have item in every family-friendly bathroom that will help you eliminate piles of dirty laundry from the floor. Place it in the corner and remind your children that dirty laundry is meant for the hamper and not the floor.

    2.      Introducing plenty of storage units

    Having plenty of storage compartments is of the utmost importance in a family-friendly bathroom. Not only will each family member have their own personal space, but storage will also help you get rid of clutter. However, you need to find a way to introduce plenty of units without overcrowding your bathroom. If possible, you can install built-in bathroom shelves to free up some space. You can add lovely cubbies with toothbrush holders for your children. You can even try to make them yourself from wooden boxes – smooth the surfaces with sandpaper and then add a coat of cheerful paint. Open shelves are also appropriate for a family-friendly bathroom because everything is in plain sight.

    3.      Ensuring your children’s safety

    By taking a few simple childproofing measures, you can create a safe and kid-friendly bathroom. First and foremost, you should keep all the cleaning products out of your children’s reach and locked in a cabinet. You should also add an anti-slip bath mat on the floor and slip-resistant stickers in the tub or shower to eliminate the risk of your children slipping on a wet surface. Installing anti-scald devices is another important safety measure that will prevent your children from burning themselves with hot water. You should also store away your hairdryer, curling iron and other bathroom appliances and never leave them plugged in. Finally, make sure to install a lock on your toilet, especially if you have toddlers.

    4.      Making it accessible

    Before wasting a fortune on installing a child-sized tub and toilet that your children will quickly outgrow, you should know that there are other ways to make your bathroom more accessible to your little ones. If you’ve been admiring those beautiful and elegant bathtubs for ages, now you can actually have one. All you need to do is make it accessible to your children by introducing a gradual step down in the basin so that your children can easily get in. Instead of lowering your entire vanity, you can just add beautiful stools so that your little ones can reach the wash basin. Their shelves should be a bit lower, as well as their towels. You should go with separate towel hooks instead of racks and add name tags above each so that everyone knows which towel is theirs.

    5.      Creating an atmosphere of playfulness

    In order for your children to love their bath time, they should enjoy spending time in the bathroom, which means that you need to create a playful and inspiring atmosphere. While black-and-white bathrooms might seem elegant, your children won’t share the same opinion. You need to add a splash of colour to your bathroom to create a cheerful ambiance. You can add a colourful shower curtain, introduce a specific theme, such as aquatic or animal-inspired design, and hang playful artwork.

    By eliminating clutter and making your bathroom accessible and kid-friendly, you’ll create a lovely, family-friendly atmosphere that all of you will enjoy.

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

    Hi, I'm Jenson. Father of two and living with OCD, read my musings on coping with both and maybe pick up some advice for yourself.