5 signs to know if your child is Vaping

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    5 signs to know if your child is Vaping

    You would have to get involved as early as possible so, your child’s risk can be reduced

    The use of these e-cigarettes and vapors has increased immensely in local schools. According to research, students consume one JUUL pod per day. How much is JUUL pod? The amount of nicotine in it is equivalent a full packet of cigarettes. Seriously? The amount is INSANE.

    Most importantly, the parents aren’t aware of the harmful effects of the nicotine towards the children’s brains. Even they don’t know how to handle the situation because it’s not possible to keep an eye on them, 24/7 then how come the parents would get aware of it in the first place? Let’s talk about it.

    1. Unusual Smell

    Vapors don’t have the same smell like a traditional cigarette. Instead, it has several flavors. Experts have claimed that the younger generation is more inclined towards candy-like e juice. Most of the popular tastes are like bubble-gum or having a fruity smell.

    What to do?

    If you are feeling a strong odor like this from your children or their room on a continuous basis, then it’s high time to inspect their belongings. Try to find out the root cause first.

    So, you haven’t been successful in finding anything from the belongings, and you can still smell the same. No worries!

    Move to the next step.

    1. Red Eyes

    When it comes to vaping, there are not any physicals signs like marks or scars through which we can identify the victim.  But, red eyes are one of the most common aspects of identification.

    What to do?

    You can easily check this sign in your children and find out the reason behind it if it’s unusual for them.

    Not only can this but you also check some other physical and mental changing in your children. Keep on reading.

    1. Irritability

    Irritable or distressed behavior is also a core sign of vaping which compels your child to be alone most of the times. Vaping makes a person antisocial. Children like to spend most of the times with likeminded people in that case.

    But remember this symptom is common in almost 90% of the children these days, so don’t take it much serious.

    1. Excessive Thirst

    Excessive Thirst is a prevalent side effect to vaping and smoking. Smokers are commonly identified due to this factor.

    Last but not least, how to find your child red-handed? Any proof which he or she can’t deny at any cost?  Let me help you.

    1. Different batteries, and chargers

    If you have seen unusual shaped batteries and chargers lying around your child’s room, then try to find out what they are?  Many vaporizers are in USB style having plugins for charging. Teenagers preferably use them as they look exactly like a regular pen.

    If you have found out any of the attributes as mentioned above in your child, then try to discuss in a natural setting with them. It will increase the chances of them listening to you. Find the right moment and be supportive of their feelings. It would surely work.

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

    Hi, I'm Jenson. Father of two and living with OCD, read my musings on coping with both and maybe pick up some advice for yourself.