Benefits of Emotional Support Animals

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    Benefits of Emotional Support Animals

    Throughout history, we as humans have taken to looking after certain animals, taking them in as our pets and having them become part of our families. Now more than ever, our pets can become trusted friends, sticking with us or life and providing many years of comfort and love.

    Sometimes, people need a bit of extra support in their day to day lives, as the stigma around mental health slowly recedes, more people are seeking help and more treatments and support systems are being developed. Emotional support animals have been wildly popular, and the UK is just one of many countries that have procedures in place for allowing your furry friend to be a mental health companion.

    Just like humans, animals have feelings and emotions too. The only difference is that these little creatures don’t speak the same language and can’t find words to express their emotions. Just like you and I, animals feel hurt, they cry when someone kicks them and they too feel the pain when a loving member of their pack is lost.


    There are numerous benefits of having a pet for you because these are well trained in listening to their owners and taking care of them. Here is why you should go for one if you are emotionally broke:

    You will always have company

    Pets can be trained to never leave your side, and dogs, in particular, are great for someone suffering from anxiety, who needs some form of comfort if entering a situation that contains a possible trigger.

    Taking a holiday or travelling can be sources of great tension for those with anxiety and emotional issues, and having an emotional support animal there to help ease the fears can make a world of difference. The only issue that stems from this is the difficulty in finding pet-friendly holidays.

    There are options out there for dog friendly holidays UK, cottages, camping or day trips are all an option for someone who’s mental wellbeing prevents them from travelling like the rest of the world.

    A non-judgmental support in times of need

    Rather than keeping your dark secrets within yourself, the best way to fight your demons is to let them out. People who have found it hard to open up to others, or have a general mistrust of people, often find it easier to be in the company of an animal. Talking things over with a non-human being can offer the catharsis of opening up without having to expose yourself to being vulnerable in front of people.

    Jerry and alex 2003

    You’ll be more active

    Having a pet is a great way to stay active. Having to walk a dog, play with a cat etc can build up your heart rate and get you a portion of the exercise that you need – a key factor on the road to emotional recovery. Spending more time outside in nature is, of course, a great way to keep yourself healthy and having a companion along will make the experience easier for those of a delicate emotional balance.

    Chance to learn new things

    Either a dog or a cat, pets will give your life a new meaning and a different perspective too. You’ll strive to learn new things, have some to entertain you all the time and keep you stress-free and of course teach you what unconditional love is.

    Animals are friendly, trustworthy and often a preferable companion to humans for those with conditions such as anxiety and depression. If you have been through a lot of ups and downs in life, then getting an animal for emotional support can be one of the best ways to helping on the road to recovery.

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

    Hi, I'm Jenson. Father of two and living with OCD, read my musings on coping with both and maybe pick up some advice for yourself.