Best Family White Water Rafting Trips in Colorado

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    Best Family White Water Rafting Trips in Colorado

    Family raft rides in Canon City, suitable for family members of all ages, are popular as they offer a gentle river ride with rustic scenery and smaller rapids. If your kids are older and want to escape the tranquillity of a family getaway, they will enjoy rafting master beginner trips on the Arkansas River, Clear Creek and Idaho Springs. Stricter family raft rides like this are suitable for school-age family rafting.

    These river trips are ideal for families with children from 6 years. Give your kids a first taste of whitewater rafting with a short quarter- or full-day family trip down the Arkansas River. In order to find whitewater rafting tours that are suitable for small children but not too demanding, rafting companies run tours on river sections of classes I, II and III. 

    With 10 miles of Class III white water on the Bighorn and Sheep Canyon rivers in Arkansas, this classic white water rafting Colorado family offering presents plenty of excitement for the whole family. Combine it with an overnight rafting trip to reach the lower rivers Box and Piedra the next day if you feel adventurous and want to experience the best of Colorado. For this Colorado Family Whitewater Rafting trip, meet up at Cotopaxi and drive 5 miles upstream to your start. 

    Local rafting centres offer adventure experiences in whitewater rafting on all levels. From scenic rafting rides where you can observe wildlife, sit back and listen to nature to heart-stopping whitewater rapids, crashing waves and spirited paddling. Find the adventure that best suits your family – from picturesque swimmers to challenging rapids to multi-day excursions under the supervision of trained, safety-conscious guides. There are many great sections of Colorado River Rafting for family-friendly excursions, from Glenwood Canyon and Glenwood Springs to the raging white water of Gore Canyon. 

    The alpine landscape, historic sites and milder white water make it a great family getaway. The San Juan River, which runs through the centre of Pagosa Springs, does not offer long river runs until some months into the season, but is a good introduction to rafting for beginners. The most famous section of the Grand Canyon itself, rafting in Colorado, is something everyone in the state should try. 

    Class III (mediate intensity) – Rifting from Vail to the Arkansas River in Browns Canyon starts in Timberline, where guides pick up guests at accommodation around Vail and take a scenic ride to Timberline Granite Colorado Boathouse, where guests dock and get ready for rafting before making their way to the river. 

    With breathtaking views of dramatic canyons in western Colorado, this quiet stretch 25 miles west of Grand Junction is perfect for hiking, rafting, inflatable kayaks, wildlife views (such as desert sheep, bald eagles, blue herons, deer, coyotes) and relaxation. Bighorn Sheep Canyon Rafting on the Arkansas River offers everything a family could wish for on a rafting trip that lasts 2-3 hours. The Arkansas is the most popular rafting river in the world, famous for the exhilarating white water, and the Lower Eagle offers a smorgasbord of quarter-, half-, and full-day multi-day tours from Salida to Pinnacle Rock. 

    With picturesque views and breathtaking rapids, whitewater rafting is the most fantastic way for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to experience nature. Laughing among children is contagious and one of the best ways to put a smile on children’s faces while whitewater rafting with the family on one of the many rivers in beautiful Colorado.

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