Dealing With Depression As a Health Issue

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    Dealing With Depression As a Health Issue

    Depression affects everyone in one way or another. Some people are depressed themselves. Some people have to deal with other people that are depressed. People in all walks of life and who have all types of jobs get depressed for various reasons, and of the cause and effect of this depression can be felt as short-term and long-term consequences of behavior. It’s a very complicated topic!

    There is value in looking at depression as a health issue. You can research the science behind it. You can consider what rehab options exist for people who mix sorrow with substance abuse. You can be aware of social media troubles that lead to depression. Moreover, you can make sure that you watch for signs of depression other people as well as in yourself.

    Looking at the Science

    Look at the science of depression. It illustrates that there are millions of factors that go into it. Moreover, it demonstrates that there are millions of factors that help people come out of it. Depression can be genetic. It can be contextual. It can be because of relationships. However, because there is so much science inside of it, looking at depression as a health issue makes much more sense than trying to claim that it is something outside of logic and outside of reason.

    Considering Rehab Options

    Depression often comes along when people are dealing with substance abuse problems. Either people are depressed because they are using substances, or they are using substances because they are depressed. In any case, it’s a vicious cycle and one that is very hard to break. If you decide to go to rehab to deal with substance abuse, at the rehab facility they may help you with associated depression as well so that you’re more likely to stay clean and sober when you leave.

    Social Media Troubles

    Too much social media leads to depression. This is not an opinion. Scientists have done many studies to show that the more people of a specific demographic use social media, the more depressed they become. Because they see everyone else has these wonderful, active lifestyles, they feel that theirs is not right in comparison. But social media isn’t about the entirety of a life – it’s about just the aspects you want to present. That gives a false impression of reality and can depress people who are watching it.

    Watching For Signs

    In the end, watching for signs of depression in yourself and others is going to be vital in understanding how and why it is a health issue, and how and why you can and should fix it as soon as possible. You can combine social factors, science, medicine, and anything else that you need to, but especially when it comes to severe depression, it should not be ignored.

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

    Hi, I'm Jenson. Father of two and living with OCD, read my musings on coping with both and maybe pick up some advice for yourself.