Different Types Of Bonuses That You Can Enjoy While Playing Bingo

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    Different Types Of Bonuses That You Can Enjoy While Playing Bingo

    One of the best things about online bingo is the great bonuses that are offered to the players. But with so many options of bonuses that are offered to players, it often becomes really confusing to try any particular one, mainly if you are new to the world of online bingo. So, to help you out here is a list of different types of bingo bonuses online.

    1. Welcome bonus: This is the most usual type of bingo bonus that the players can receive after making their first deposit to the site. This type of bonus is mainly awarded as the sum that matches 100% with the deposit amount. But the majority of the sites offer a lot more than this as the welcome offer. Besides, some sites even offer some added extras as bonus amounts like a spin on the guaranteed prize wheel or free spins that offer extra bonus cash.
    2. No deposit bonus: Not every bingo site online offers no deposit bonus. But sites that offer this bonus, give it to the players immediately after signing up. All the players need to do is to register the details and create accounts. After that, the bonus amount would be added to their accounts immediately. Some of the sites also ask the players to enter their card details for registering.
    3. Reload bonus: This type of bonus is quite similar to the welcome bonus and here the bonus amount is a percentage of the deposit amount that is offered as the bonus after making the deposit. Reload bonus is mainly offered after the player claims welcome bonuses on offer. But here the awarded percentage is significantly lower than the initial awards. The reload bonuses usually range from 50-100% extra.
    4. Free bingo: This is something that is awarded along with the welcome bonus. For instance, players, who just have joined an online bingo site, can join the special free bingo room for a certain period of time, mainly a week. In this period, the players have the chance to win real cash without any requirement of paying for the tickets. There are some other instances where the players may be awarded free bingo tickets in return of depositing and spending cash on bingo or taking part in the chat games. In some occasions, the tickets are often limited to certain rooms or certain games.
    5. Loyalty bonus: This type of bonus is mainly awarded to the players as recognition for the loyalty to an online bingo site. Here the players can receive a better and bigger bonus when they climb the scale up.
    6. Newbie bonus: This type of bonus is offered to the new players and this allows the players to play bingo for a certain period of time.
    7. Cashback bonus: This type of bonus is offered to the players, who spend cash on slot or bingo games but fail to win. Some of the sites even offer cashback as the monthly deal whereas others offer the cashback bonus as a short-term, infrequent bonus on some games.
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    Written by Jenson Phillips

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