Dog-Friendly Vacation: Boston

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    Dog-Friendly Vacation: Boston

    It is time for family vacations, days out, and even road trips. Part of that is making plans is figuring out what to do with your dog. You can’t leave him home. You could get a pet-sitter. You could board him. Or you could bring him with you. That seems a little far fetched, but it actually a reasonable plan. Boston has a ton of things to do. You can learn history, see the sights, and even eat out, all with your dog. You will need a leash and some doggie care bags, but there are a ton of things to do in Boston that allows your dog to come with you.

    Where to stay

    If you start looking you will find that there are over one hundred pet friendly hotels in Boston alone. There are more outside of Boston as well. You can choose from the basic hotel that provides just what you need. You could find one that is full service and even has dog walkers that will help you out when you decide to do something not as pet friendly. All you need to do is set your budget. Then decide what part of the city you want to be in. Just book your hotel and go on vacation.

    What to do

    Boston has one of the best city life that you are going to see. The place is the home of the Boston Tea Party. It was the forefront of the Revolutionary War. It saw the birth of America. It also has a historic walking tour that you have to take. Grab a leash and go. If you want more adventure, go at night for the adults only tour!

    Besides history, Boston has shops, including a place called Lush Handmade Cosmetics, where you can bring your dog and get bathbombs, makeup, and lotions that smell heavenly. There are clothing boutiques, Kayak Tours and even Boat rides that will allow you to bring your dog on your adventure.

    Where to Eat

    You can choose from almost 130 different restaurants that your dog is welcome at. Not just fast food either. You have full service restaurants that let you order a three course dinner. There are sports bars where you can bring your dog to watch the game. Mexican food, Chinese, Pizza, it doesn’t matter what you are craving, grab your dog and get a pet friendly cab and go get some food.

    Dog’s Only

    Boston is a place where you can also let your dog be a dog. This is his vacation too so you should let him enjoy it. Boston has a pet bakery that serves dog food and treats that are organic and human quality. Stop by Pawsh Dog Boutique and get him a new outfit, collar, or even a new squeaky toy.There are dog beaches, dog parks, and even dog tours. Boston is all about family, and there  is no reason why your dog can’t be apart of the experience.

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