Investment Advice for Stay-at-Home Parents

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    Investment Advice for Stay-at-Home Parents

    What are some of the best investing tools you have ever used? What about investing tools you have wished existed but have not? Do you have any other ideas that would work for you and your goal? Please share in the comments below.

    Selling to Buy

    A new survey conducted by Quest Software recently found that “sales cycles” for businesses are often broken for a myriad of reasons. Among them were broken selling processes (34%), too many pivots (29%) and multiple failures to sell (24%). The best tools we have used as investors relate to how we market ourselves, whether it be cold calling (33%), emailing (31%), networking (20%), social media (10%) or personal referral (4%). Our idea is to sell to buyers, and we always want to sell to the best, not the best at selling to us. That means the most likely buyer is a qualified current or potential buyer. The way we break a sale cycle is to identify the best buyers and go after them for the sale.

    Passing the Social Media Mentality

    If you follow our personal investment portfolio, you know we think of ourselves as creative and innovative. We are not necessarily creative in terms of our talent or skill set, but in how we sell our ideas. We do not want to sell, necessarily. We just want to sell ideas to people who will pay us for them. We are a creative idea broker. We create sales opportunities for people. For example, we recently sold a fashion trend alert service to TD Ameritrade via the TD Ameritrade Connect platform. The idea was novel and we were hired by TD Ameritrade to track trends in the fashion industry and share them via email to consumers. This type of work requires a creativity and knowledge about the industry. One way to think of creativity as a business skill is passing the social media mentality, and we pass it through different mediums.

    Implement instead of Sharing Investment Ideas

    Forego the urge to become a “guru” type who preaches investment opportunities to others and seeks to recruit members to some kind of down-line. Instead, find practical ways to IMPLEMENT those ideas. That’s how you learn best!

    Real Estate Investing Tools

    You are probably wondering what tools are available out there to help you to effectively invest in real estate.

    You will probably also have some questions about investing in real estate, like:

    What are the most important things to consider when investing in real estate?

    Where can I get more information about investing in real estate?

    Does real estate affect my taxes?

    How do I invest in real estate?

    While real estate investing tools are only a small portion of your overall investing strategy, they are a powerful way to help you uncover opportunities and build wealth, ideally forming part of a real estate investing program.

    What are Real Estate Investing Tools?

    Real estate investing tools help you uncover specific opportunities, like:

    Trends in the real estate market

    Potential property locations

    Land opportunities

    Business opportunities

    Estimated current values of commercial property

    Land opportunities that are profitable

    Current residential property values

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

    Hi, I'm Jenson. Father of two and living with OCD, read my musings on coping with both and maybe pick up some advice for yourself.