Simple Diets for Effective Health Results

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    Simple Diets for Effective Health Results

    Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the most difference when it comes to health. And that can be particularly true when it comes to your diet. Chances are very likely that you don’t eat the food that’s best for you. You have certain types of food that you like because of their flavor, and certain types of food that you avoid because of your habits. But, making some small adjustments to your approach to diet can make a huge difference.

    For purposes of focus and experimentation, you can check out the JERF diet, look into basic vegetarianism, try your very best to cut out processed foods, and then look into just lowering your calorie count. Each of those methods has something to bring to the table as far as getting effective health results is concerned.

    The JERF Diet

    The JERF diet is a new concept. It has become more popular with the influx of organic food advertising, and the fact that people are trying to gravitate more naturally to foods that they can recognize by name. JERF stands for “just eat real food” and it is as much philosophy as it is a diet. Basically, the creators of this particular perspective suggest that if you want to feel better and get healthier, aim for eating the most natural versions of the most natural foods you can recognize.

    Basic Vegetarianism

    Have you ever considered trying a vegetarian diet? As long as you approach it in a way that makes sense for your body type, your calorie needs, and your lifestyle, it can be a tremendous step in the right direction of health. A lot of physical problems, especially later in life, are caused by overeating animal products. By attempting to thrive on the diet based on plants, you’re taking away things like a heightened risk of heart disease. Just be sure that you approach vegetarianism scientifically as opposed to trying to guess how to get a balanced diet.

    Cutting Out Processed Foods

    Another simple tip for being healthier is to cut out processed foods. Even though these products may be convenient and inexpensive, that comes at a cost. Processed foods have a ton of salt, contain all sorts of fillers and dyes, and are often nutritionally lacking. By cutting these out of your diet, you will replace them with healthier foods.

    Lowering the Calorie Count

    A final way to simplify your health goals is to eat the same things that you are already, but eat less of them. This will effectively lower your calorie count, but not shock your body into affecting your metabolism that drastically. If you want to lose weight and be healthier, starting by cutting down everything you eat by 25% can make a drastic difference over the long-term, but keep you from feeling unreasonably altered nutritionally.

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

    Hi, I'm Jenson. Father of two and living with OCD, read my musings on coping with both and maybe pick up some advice for yourself.