Tapping Into The Healing Power of Mother Nature

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    Tapping Into The Healing Power of Mother Nature

    Look, I know that getting “treatment” for my OCD is pretty much something which is optional, in other words it’s supportive care instead of something like having a very expensive medical condition that needs critical medical attention, but I do spare a thought for those who are in that situation and who suffer from medical conditions which they have no choice but to seek medical attention for.

    This can be a very expensive exercise and that situation can befall even the healthiest of people, for example, you can’t get cancer treated on the public healthcare system and even when it’s detected in the early stages as recommended, it’ll cost you a pretty penny to get treatment.

    Now I’m not suggesting that the professional and formal health care field should be shunned, but even this professional medical field makes use of treatments which are ultimately derivatives of what Mother Nature gives to us for free. I concede – reverse engineering or attempting to reverse engineer something like the Chemotherapy cancer treatment perhaps won’t help a cancer sufferer if they managed to break the medication down to its basic elements, but what I’m getting at is that Mother Nature perhaps provides the best medicine, particularly from the point of view of prevention being better than a cure.

    The healing power of Mother Nature presents itself in many different ways, from the healthy spring water you might notice gives your system a better clean and immunity boost to something a little less direct, like going out into your garden to smell the blooming spring flowers and then having that perhaps clear a tension headache you might have been developing. In this instance, it perhaps wouldn’t be the sweet scent of the flower which has headache-curing properties, but perhaps rather the fresh air and in either case it is indeed the sweet smell of the flower which lured you outside to get the headache-curing fresh air and so that’s Mother Nature playing an indirect role in keeping you healthy. That would surely beat having to take a headache tablet any day and it’s simply a matter of embracing Mother Nature and all her healing properties.

    I’m not suggesting that you take up some course on natural remedies or anything like that. What I am suggesting is that by simply embracing Mother Nature, you foster an environment which will not only help you better fight off diseases and stay and shape, but one which will also benefit you with some healing powers which you may not even understand how they work.

    It’s not rocket science and by no means is it some overly philosophical psychobabble either. It’s a simple matter of something like an inviting backyard lawn dotted with colourfully blooming flowerbeds contributing to a much healthier, more active you in that you’ll have the inclination to go outside more, kick the ball around and get in some much-needed exercise and fresh air in a manner which you’d otherwise not even entertain.

    There’s a reason why we love good-looking, well-manicured gardens and all which they give us, even if that reason may not be immediately visible.

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

    Hi, I'm Jenson. Father of two and living with OCD, read my musings on coping with both and maybe pick up some advice for yourself.