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    Ultimate Bag Guide

    Carrie Bradshaw may have been wrong about many things in life, but shoes and bags – she knew. As she once famously said, a bag is just a little thing, but we feel naked in public without it, and it couldn’t be more true. You can be as decked out as humanly possible, but if you don’t finish off strong with a great bag to complement your outfit, it doesn’t only feel but also looks incomplete. More than just an accessory, a bag is a style item that glues an entire outfit together and is the equivalent of a great ending to an amazing book. It also speaks volumes of your sense of style and even personality type, so no, a bag is not just a bag – it’s a story teller. Therefore, we present you the ultimate 2018 bag guide, so make sure you read on carefully, see what is hot and trending, and choose the bag that will best represent your style persona, or even several – each for every mood and occasion.

    The micro bag

    This teeny-tiny bag was all the rage throughout 2017, and every A-lister from Rihanna, Gigi and even Beyoncé were spotted rocking it. It comes in a variety of shapes and structures, from sturdy ones that look like shrunk handbags to playful and heavily embellished and bejeweled ones that look like little blingy toys rather than bags. We thought the lack of practicality would have left this bag in 2017, but it appears that this little thing isn’t going anywhere, at least for the time being. Is it practical for everyday life – absolutely not; it can barely fit your phone and some cash, possibly a compact and a lipstick, but that’s the extent of it. However, when it comes to rocking Saturday nights, elegant evening events, it definitely makes for a stronger and more up-to-date statement than the ol’ classic clutch, so perhaps snagging at least one for those special nights isn’t such a bad idea.

    The investment piece

    In the sea of trending bags that have come down the runways all across fashion capitals, it seems that there is still room for classic luxury tote bags. So, why do renowned designers and brands still hold on to this seemingly simple bag? The answer lies in simplicity, of course. These bags are sturdy, practical yet chic and perfect for a woman on the go who doesn’t have time to change her wardrobe and move items from one bag to another when going out after work. This type of bag is a cult classic that will never go out of style because it’s polished, sophisticated and big enough to handle everything a busy woman throws in it. Plus, the neutral hues and sleek and unobtrusive look allow them to mesh with any outfit perfectly, and that, ultimately, is the dream.

    The bag de jour

    Perhaps a woman who doesn’t fall prey to trends would never be interested in this kind of bag, but as we browse through street style photos, fashionistas seem to have gone absolutely nuts over the Celine, Channel and clear see-through bags and purses created by numerous other designers. There is the Channel version – a bag within a bag which does look great and still allows you to keep your belongings away from bystanders’ glances, and then there’s the completely clear version that just shows it all off. Sure, it can fit a great deal of items, but you can also say goodbye to bag privacy. Those who follow trends as avidly as the fashionistas of New York will probably keep snagging this bag, but as far as its ability to stand the test of time – figuratively and literally, that is still up for debate.

    The Pinterest favorite

    One of the most beloved platforms has spoken, and according to it, the most popular bag of the season is the round woven one. Some are bigger and softer, some are sturdier and smaller, but woven and rattan bags have taken over both Pinterest and our Instagram feeds, and for a good reason. Not only are they the perfect companion of every breezy summer outfit, but they’re versatile and practical as well. The bigger ones can even serve as beach bags and handle a ton of items while still looking great. As far as ‘girls of summer’ vibe goes, this is the ‘it’ bag to own.

    A blast from the past

    Seen in Marc Jacobs as well as Gucci’s spring/summer collection, the fanny pack has certainly experienced a great revival. Jacobs presented us with the almost identical ‘90s version of the fanny pack – soft and sporty, while Gucci took things up a notch and created a belt bag – similar in the sense that you carry it around your waist, but the design is a tad sleeker. This has been one of the most purchased bags of the season. The practicality lies in the fact that it leaves your hands completely free, and it’s a refreshing look we have to admit, plus, when travelling, this bag has proven to be the best guardian of your belongings as it’s always strapped to you.

    Designer backpacks

    The logomania is back, so prepare your wallets and invest in a bag that will clearly state your brand loyalty. The combination of logomania and athleisure has given birth to logo-splashed designer backpacks, whether they’re sporty ones like Vans to sleek and chic like Chanel’s. Depending on your lifestyle and style persona, now you can take your pick, as backpacks aren’t only for students or gym goers – they’re a statement now.

    So, out of all the bags that have conquered the globe this year, which one will you be thinking off incessantly until you get your hands on it?

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

    Hi, I'm Jenson. Father of two and living with OCD, read my musings on coping with both and maybe pick up some advice for yourself.