What are the Best Toys For Young Children?

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    What are the Best Toys For Young Children?

    These days, it seems that far too many parents are content to use an iPad or smartphone to entertain their young children. But with studies consistently showing that frequent exposure to these screens can cause vision problems and negatively affect brain development, providing non-tech toys is essential for your child. Here’s a closer look at some of the best toys you can choose.


    You might be tempted to think that diecast models in Canada are only for avid collectors. While it’s true that rarer models should be left out of reach of children, keep in mind that many of these cars are mass-produced for general use. Such models are relatively inexpensive, and serve as a fun, durable toy for young children. Better still, many diecast cars are based on licensed properties, such as Batman or Disney’s Cars, giving your kids a fun connection with their favorite cartoons. When paired with a roadway rug (or even a real map), your children will use their imagination to foster hours of car-related fun.

    Child Trampoline

    Though full-size trampolines have a reputation for being somewhat dangerous, a small “kid-sized” trampoline can serve as a great way for your kids to get the wiggles out. These trampolines use a small, weatherproof mat that doesn’t provide as much bounce as a standard trampoline, greatly reducing the risk of a fall, even for the most energetic child. Padded covers also prevent an accidental collision with the bungee cords that give the trampoline its spring-like surface. With their compact size, these trampolines can also be stored indoors with ease, allowing parents to supervise use and prevent any accidents.

    Art Kits

    You can’t go wrong when you try to unlock your child’s creative side! Whether you provide your kids with a box of crayons or a set of watercolor paints, few “toys” will better stimulate the mind than an art kit. Sketch pads, chalkboards, or even origami paper can add further fun possibilities. By practicing art, kids can improve their creative ability and problem-solving skills, while also developing greater confidence and patience as they gradually improve. Best of all, their finished artwork will serve as treasured mementos you can enjoy for years to come.

    Don’t let your child become addicted to a smartphone screen! By providing these classic, tech-free toys, you can ensure healthier development for your child. With the right physical and mental stimulation, they’ll gain the skills they need to perform well in school and other activities.

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

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