When it Comes to Translations, Quality Matters

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    When it Comes to Translations, Quality Matters

    So often, when it comes to buying a product or service, we try to look for the provider who can get it to us at the lowest possible price. Food items are a great example of how many can be willing to sacrifice quality in exchange for a less expensive product. But when it comes to choosing a translation service in Montreal for individuals and professionals, the quality of the work should always be the top priority in making a purchasing decision. Here’s a closer look at why quality matters even more for translations than it does for other services.

    Sending the Right Message

    Whether you’re trying to form an interpersonal relationship or reach new customers for your company, the right words can make all the difference in achieving the desired outcomes. History is filled with examples of companies that have made major blunders while trying to expand to new countries, all because they didn’t make a small additional investment in translation services.

    When translating its slogan into Spanish, Braniff International accidentally created phrasing that said “Fly Naked” rather than “Fly in Leather.” Mercedes-Benz had an even more problematic blunder when introducing its brand to China. The company initially used the name “Bensi,” but that word means “rush to die” in Chinese. It should come as little surprise that they changed the name once they learned of this mistake.

    Some translation errors can come across as innocent (or even humorous) errors. But in the wrong circumstances, a poor translation could be offensive to the target audience. If you’re trying to prove your professionalism, such bad translations won’t do you any favors, either.

    To avoid sending the wrong message, professional translation efforts are essential. Online translation tools are often prone to errors that can create serious problems later on. This is especially true when you need to translate complicated technical or legal jargon or translate a single document into several different languages. The more involved the work, the greater the need for a quality provider.

    The Small Details

    Paying for quality translation services isn’t just about avoiding the huge mistakes that go viral on social media. It is also about ensuring that you get the little details right to ensure that the right tone and subtext are used in all your communications.

    For example, in Portuguese, the verbs “achar” and “encontrar” are both commonly translated as “to find” in English. However, “achar” can also be used to mean “to discover,” or even “to think,” while “encontrar” can also be used when talking about a meeting. Understanding the contextual differences associated with each verb is essential for avoiding mistranslations.

    Such small details can be found no matter what language you might be translating. In translation services, a knowledge of local culture and differences in regional dialects can also make a big difference in the quality of the final product. As previously noted, a free online tool likely won’t be able to identify these differences for your own translation needs.

    Accounting for such differences is what sets quality translation services apart. French and English are both quite different in Canada than they are in Europe. A translation that fails to take this difference into consideration could easily confuse their intended recipients by using words or references that don’t make sense to the target audience.

    Say What You Need to Say

    None of this is to say that you shouldn’t still try to find translation services that fit your budget. But the way you choose to communicate with others will ultimately have a lasting influence for good or ill. By opting for quality each time, you can have confidence that you will make a good impression on those you are trying to reach.

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    Written by Jenson Phillips

    Hi, I'm Jenson. Father of two and living with OCD, read my musings on coping with both and maybe pick up some advice for yourself.